Travel Insights to Rwanda’s Safari Places-Enjoy Holidays in Rwanda

Travel Insights, ideas and tailor made safari packages by the skilled personnel and Travel specialists from Self Drive Rwanda. Travel to Rwanda for amazing Gorilla trekking experiences at Volcanoes National Park, Chimpanzee tracking safaris at Nyungwe Forest, wildlife safaris at Akagera National park, visiting the Genocide Memorials and National Museums and Boat Cruising at lake kivu.


Volcanoes N Park & Kibale Forest N Park-9 Days

Enjoy Gorilla Trekking at Rwanda’s Volcanoes N park and chimpanzee tracking at Kibale for the best tours in 9 Days.

Mt. Gorillas and Chimpanzee Safaris-7 Days

Track the Gorillas of Volcanoes N Park and chimpanzees of Nyungwe Forest to enjoy the best safaris -7 Days.

Chimpanzees, Gorillas & primate Safaris-6 Days

Experience remarkable primate safaris in Rwanda as you track the Gorillas and Chimpanzee to the fullest-6 Days

Mt. Gorillas & Chimpanzee Rwanda-5 Days

Book the 5 Days Gorillas & Chimp Tour to experience the best primate safaris in Rwanda on vacation for the best.

Volcanoes N Park & Akagera N Park-4 Days

Experience remarkable wildlife encounters in Rwanda at volcanoes N Park & Akagera N Park to enjoy the best-4 Days.

Gorilla & Golden Monkey Tracking Volcanoes-3 Days

Track Rwanda’s stunning Gorillas and Golden Monkeys at Volcanoes National park while on holiday-3 Days

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari Tour-2 Days

Experience remarkable Gorilla Trekking safari in 2 Days while following a busy schedule to enjoy the best.

Short Wildlife Tour Akagera National Park-1 Day

Experience adventuring the unique wildlife species of Akagera National park in 1 Day to enjoy the best safaris